Black & White with a Touch of Color - David McNaney Photography

Black & White with a Touch of Color

January, 2020

Clare has quite a bit more than a touch of color, although it is a catchy title. We initially crossed paths in 2017 when I first met Clare and her family; they are a bunch of good humans. I have been provided the honor to photograph Clare for the past few years.

For this shoot, we went old school. We recreated natural light with Profoto D2 Moonlight bounced into white v-flat with two layers of diffusion. We styled the set and clothing to black & white so the only color was provided by Clare's skin tone. Our amazing Make-up Artist, Paige Puccio, executed our mood flawlessly; giving us the natural style we were after.

To say Clare is one my favs, is an understatement. She is just one of those good souls that you want to be around.

Til next time …. bye.

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