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Details Make the Difference

I have been over-thinking the subject of the studio’s first blog for quite some time. I have been back and forth in writing from the photographer’s point of view and from the client’s point of view. From both perspectives I keep coming back to DETAILS. The details the photographer presents to the client, and the details the client perceives from the photographer.

My inner circle know that I throw the word “details” at them when there is a task on hand. Details Make the Difference between Good and Great. When it comes to any business, especially one with a creative element, the level of attention to details makes a difference in delivering an experience & product that customers will want to come back for time and time again. A great example is Apple. If there is another company that obsesses more about the details than Apple, we have yet to see it. But that is one of the biggest principles that comprises Apple, and that’s what makes them successful.

A few months ago, we had a client arrive for her photoshoot. As she sat in the chair for hair & makeup, we reviewed the clothes she brought to wear for her shoot. One of the articles, was a gorgeous blue dress, but it was heavily wrinkled. At that moment we busted out the steamer, and removed all the wrinkles. The client was taken back, and said the wrinkles really did not matter to her. I mentioned to her, “When you look like a million-bucks, you feel like a million-bucks. This will translate on camera.”

At times, it seems like we all obsess over the details. However, all the little details add up to the Experience, and the Products you deliver to the customer.  This is what makes a company stand apart from the others.  And all our clients deserve our full attention to the details.  This is what Makes the Difference.

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