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Our Portrait Experience | What to Expect

Consultation:   Before you spend a single dollar with us, we sit down one-on-one and listen to our client’s needs. We review the process, products, expectations and timelines. Our clients can expect complete professionalism and communication throughout all interactions. How do you want to see yourself in a portrait?

Creative Design:   We design photoshoot sessions per our clients style, requests, concepts, and infuse it with our techniques.  How do you want to be photographed?

Hair & Make-Up Styling:   All In-Studio photoshoots include professional hair and make-up styling. Our stylists lift a tremendous weight off our client’s shoulders as our clients do Not have to worry about doing their own hair & make-up; deep down we believe it is everyone’s favorite part of the session.

Photoshoot:   We believe the photoshoot is a collaboration. Throughout the photoshoot, we coach our clients on posing and expressions.

Professional Editing:   After the photoshoot, we move into the Post-Processing stage. We collate all raw images down to the best 10% of the photoshoot. The best Images are professionally edited prior to the Portraits Reveal Session.

Portraits Reveal Session:   Approximately two weeks after your portrait photoshoot, we invite our clients to the studio for their Portrait’s Reveal Session. The Session provides the opportunity to select the favorite portraits, and choose the desired products.  *Personal Branding / Headshot sessions choose final images during the session.

We know there are many photographer options in the market. We thank you for the opportunity to be your photographer. We truly appreciate and respect our client’s choice in selecting David McNaney Photography to create legacy portraits that will be cherished and shared for generations.

- David

David McNaney Photography specializes in Headshots, Personal Branding, Sr. Portraits and Contemporary Portraiture. We have sessions In-Studio and On-Location. We provide Framed Fine Art Prints and Folio Album Collections. To engage with us, please click on “Schedule Your Session” and Book a "Photoshoot Consultation". We look forward to meeting you!

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